Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If your company meets the joining criteria and is accepted to the Above & Beyond programme then these terms and conditions form the basis of your agreement with us and set out your rights as an Above and Beyond Programme Member.  You'll find definitions of specific Above and Beyond Programme terms at the end of these Terms and Conditions.

1. The Above and Beyond Programme

1.1. These Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time. We will be deemed to have given notice of any change to our Members by posting the revised Terms and Conditions. You’ll be deemed to have accepted any such amendment if after we have given this notice you retain your Travelcard and purchase a qualifying flight to Travelcard; or request a reward in exchange for Business Travel Points. You can terminate your Membership at any time by giving notice in writing. If you ask us to terminate your Membership, you’ll forfeit all Business Travel Points in your Account at that time.

1.2. These Terms and Conditions are not interchangeable with those of Air New Zealand Airpoints, Air New Zealand Koru or any other club or loyalty programme operated by us or any of our Partners. Membership does not give the Member access to the benefits of any other Air New Zealand club, facility or loyalty programme.

1.3. Members shall designate a Contact Person. This person must be an Employee of the Member. The Contact Person will be responsible for:

(a) being the prime point of contact for us in relation to the Member’s Membership;

(b) redeeming Business Travel Points for Rewards in accordance with Terms and Conditions.

1.4. Members will ensure that the Company Authoriser being the CEO, Managing Director or person with the authority has authorised your business to register as a Member of the rewards programme. The authoriser will be listed on the Members application form.

1.5. Each Member must ensure two Employees of their organisation are receiving the monthly program statements.

1.6. The Member may change the designated Contact Person to another Employee of the Member by notifying the Above and Beyond support team at BusinessRewards@airnz.co.nz

1.7. A Member’s Account information and details will not be discussed, amended or transacted by us unless that Member’s password is first quoted.

1.8. You must take all necessary steps to ensure that your password is kept confidential and should inform us immediately if you have any reason to believe that the password has become known to anyone else, or if the password is being, or is likely to be, used in an unauthorised manner. Each Member shall accept liability for and indemnify us for any loss of, disclosure, misuse or fraudulent use of any of that Member’s logon identifications or passwords and any losses, costs, claims, proceedings or expenses arising either directly or indirectly out of the same.

1.9. If anything happens that is beyond our control and affects our ability to provide Rewards (including, but not limited to, strikes, acts of God, civil disturbance, government orders, weather conditions, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, unavailability of aircraft, terrorist activities or war), we can suspend or terminate this Programme or the provision of Rewards at our discretion.  We'll have no liability to any Member or to any person for such suspension or termination.

1.10. Partners can discontinue their participation in the Programme and their provision of Rewards at any time without notice.

1.11. We give no warranty for the continuing availability of the Programme and reserve the right to terminate it by giving at least three months' notice to Members, or at any time without notice if we cease to operate as an airline.  We won't provide any consideration for Business Travel Points a Member has earned but not redeemed at the time of termination.

1.12. We accept no liability to any Member for any loss, injury or damage that arises from any provision or non-provision of any Rewards by a Partner or third party supplier, unless it was caused by a negligent act or omission on our part. You agree to resolve any complaints relating to such Rewards directly with the Partner or third party supplier concerned.  In advertising the availability of any Rewards provided by a Partner or third party supplier, we act solely as its publicist. The provision and sale of such Rewards are subject to the applicable Partner's or third party supplier's terms and conditions.

1.13. Each Member acknowledges that it shall be responsible and liable to us for the proper performance of that Member’s Employees of these Terms and Conditions.

1.14. Accumulated Business Travel Points and any other benefits related to the Programme are not the property of the Member. Accumulated Business Travel Points are not transferable to any other Member.

1.15. Notwithstanding any other provision in these Terms and Conditions or the terms and conditions of any other loyalty programme offered by a Partner and/or authorised by Air New Zealand, you can't redeem for Cash or sell your Business Travel Points and/or Rewards, or assign or transfer them for Cash or any other consideration. Any Member or any person in breach of this clause 1.15 will be liable for any resulting losses, costs and/or damages suffered by us (including all consequential and special damages).

1.16. Rewards that have been acquired in breach of these Terms and Conditions may result in the Reward being confiscated, cancelled and/or (if applicable), the passenger being denied boarding.

1.17. Members may not use Air New Zealand’s name or refer to the Above and Beyond Programme in any public advertising.

1.18. We reserve the right to cancel your Membership at any time without notice and without giving a reason for doing so.

1.19. A Member’s Membership will automatically terminate if a member is in breach of the Terms and conditions of Air New Zealand Travelcard, or otherwise becomes ineligible under the Travelcard terms and conditions.

1.20. On termination of a Member’s Membership, the Member will forfeit all Business Travel Points in its Account at that time and all unused Rewards. We won't provide any consideration for Business Travel Points you've earned but not redeemed at the time of Membership termination. We won't provide any consideration for any unused Rewards that we cancel.

1.21. You agree to indemnify us for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered by any person as a result of your Membership termination and/or cancellation of any unused Rewards.

1.22. Membership is not transferable. Participation in the Above and Beyond Programme is solely between Air New Zealand and the Member, and is subject to all these Terms and Conditions as Air New Zealand may at its discretion, amend from time to time.

2. Earning Business Travel Points

2.1. To earn Business Travel Points, the Member must book a Qualifying Flight on behalf of a Member’s Employee(s) and pay for such travel using the Member’s Travelcard.

2.2. A Member can't earn Business Travel Points for Non-Qualifying Flights.

2.3. A Member can’t earn Business Travel Points on the GST portion (if any) of a Qualifying Flight’s fare.

2.4. We calculate the Business Travel Points you have earned based on the GST exclusive amount charged against your Travelcard at the end of each day, for travel by your Employees on Qualifying Flights, at the rate of 1 Business Travel Point for every NZ$10 spent (excluding GST).

2.5. A Member will be eligible to earn Business Travel Points from the date that we advise you that you have been accepted as a Member of the Above & Beyond programme.

2.6. We will only enter into discussions or correspondence with the Member’s Contact Person, about crediting Business Travel Points to the Member if the Contact Person supplies proof (the original boarding pass and the original or a copy of the Employee’s Flight Ticket) of a Qualifying Flight to us within six months of the Qualifying Flight.

2.7. We're not responsible for any claims for Business Travel Points or Rewards that have been delayed, or lost, or for any claims that the Above & Beyond support team or BusinessRewards@airnz.co.nz doesn't receive.

2.8. A Member will earn Business Travel Points on travel that also qualifies an Employee for Airpoints Dollars (if that Employee is an Airpoints member). Members can't transfer Business Travel Points earned for travel to any other loyalty rewards programme, other than in accordance with clause 4.17 and 4.18.

2.9. At our discretion, before crediting Business Travel Points in relation to a Qualifying Flight undertaken by an Employee, we may require the Member to provide verification of employment of that Employee by the Member (in a form satisfactory to us).

2.10. We may at our discretion reverse any Business Travel Points that have been credited to a Member if the Business Travel Points were credited in relation to a Qualifying Flight that was subsequently cancelled or varied or not paid for.

2.11. If the number of Business Travel Points to be reversed exceeds the number of Business Travel Points in the Member’s Account at that time, the Member authorises us to charge the Member’s Travelcard with the commercial value (as determined by Air New Zealand) of any Rewards redeemed by the Member in the preceding 12 month period and to re-credit the Business Travel Points for those Rewards to the Member’s Account so that the Member does not have a negative Business Travel Points balance. We may at our discretion elect to recover the commercial value (as determined by Air New Zealand) of any Rewards redeemed by the Member in the preceding 12 month period from the Member as a debt due and payable to us.

2.12. Business Travel Points can not be earned on any Service Fees charged to a Travelcard.

2.13.  We may delay or we may not credit Business Travel Points to a Member if there is any dispute in relation to the Member’s entitlement to such Business Travel Points or if there is any dispute in relation to the number of Business Travel Points to be credited.

2.14. Business Travel Points cannot be transferred to another Member’s Account. Where Members merge or are subject to a take-over, the Business Travel Points can only be transferred to or combined with another Member’s Business Travel Points upon our prior written consent, which may be withheld at our discretion.

2.15.  Air New Zealand reserves the right to offer at its discretion bonus Business Travel Points on either an ongoing basis or on a one off basis to a Member based on that Member’s spend on Qualifying Flights.

3. Business Travel Points Validity and Expiry

3.1. Business Travel Points expire 12 months after the date on which they were issued and will be removed from that Member’s Account. Whenever a Member claims a Reward, Business Travel Points will be redeemed in the order they were credited to the Member’s Account.

3.2. Business Travel Points that a Member redeems but that are then re-credited to the Member’s Account (eg. owing to a cancellation or unavailability of an upgrade) will be re-credited with the original date of when they were earned. Any Business Travel Points used in the booking that have as at the date of re-crediting expired, will not be re-credited to the Member’s Account.

3.3. Validity for all Rewards may vary according to the Reward requested and will be set out at the Reward redemption table at www.airnewzealand.co.nz/above-beyond. The validity period for each Reward will commence from the date that Reward is issued and shall expire on the final date of that Rewards validity period.

4. Programme Rewards

4.1. A Member may only request a Reward, and the Reward will only be issued, if the Member has enough Business Travel Points in its Account to redeem for the Reward. The number of Business Travel Points required for each Reward is set out in the Rewards Table (as amended from time to time at our discretion). We may increase the amount of Business Travel Points required to redeem any Reward at our sole discretion.

4.2. To request a Reward via the Above & Beyond Business Rewards Team, the Member’s Contact Person must quote the Member’s Company name and password before we can process your request.

4.3. We will use reasonable endeavours to process all request for Rewards within two working days from the date of the request.

4.4.  As Member’s Business Travel Points may only be redeemed for Rewards that are issued to that Member’s Employee(s).

4.5. We do not guarantee that any of the Rewards will be available at any time and we reserve the right to withdraw, cancel, change or suspend, at our discretion at any time and without notice, any of the Rewards we offer or advertise. We are not liable for any loss, expense, or damage any Member suffers as a result of such withdrawal, cancellation, suspension or change.

4.6. You can't earn Business Travel Points on Reward redemptions.

4.7. Rewards can't be requested more than 12 months in advance.

4.8.  You can only cancel Rewards through the Above & Beyond Business Rewards Team, and not directly with the Partner concerned.

4.9. There is no relationship between the Cash price offered by us or by a Partner, and the redemption rates offered through the Above and Beyond Programme for Rewards.

4.10.  We may designate any rewards as a Programme Reward.

4.11. All Rewards:

(a) may be accompanied by specific information and shall be subject to all applicable terms and conditions relevant to such Rewards;

(b) shall not be used in conjunction with any corporate programme, promotion, coupon, discount or special offer of Air New Zealand;

(c) are void where prohibited by law.

4.12. Monthly Statements will be mailed or emailed to the Nominated Contact Person and the Company Authoriser in each case to the address provided to us by such Member or Contact Person. Rewards and special promotional materials will be mailed or emailed to the Member at the address provided to us by such Member. Members must update their contact details by contacting the Above & Beyond Business Rewards Team at businessrewards@airnz.co.nz.

4.13. We will have no liability for lost, destroyed or misdirected mail or email or the consequences thereof.

4.14. Members shall allow Air New Zealand four (4) weeks from the date of request to receive a requested Reward.

4.15. Standby Upgrades:

(a) Upgrade requests can only be confirmed by the Airport staff at the gate on departure.

(b) Upgrade requests are available on Air New Zealand International operated flights only.

(c) To request an Upgrade, you must have a confirmed ticketed booking.

(d) Upgrades are only available on a per-Sector basis.

(e) Upgrades are subject to availability, aircraft capacity control and catering and are not guaranteed.

(f) A Member or the Member’s Employee may not cancel an Upgrade request within 48 hours of the Flight departure if that Employee still intends to travel on that Flight – the Member’s original Air New Zealand Upgrade request(s) will stand. A Member may cancel an Upgrade request within 48 hours of Flight departure, if the applicable Member’s Employee is no longer travelling on that Flight, but cancellation fees may apply.

(g) Once we have confirmed an Upgrade, any subsequent request to cancel that Upgrade but still travel on the same Flight, will be subject to availability of the original ticketed Service Class being available.  Fees and fare conditions of the new booking will apply.

(h) We can't compensate a Member or a Member’s Employee for a lack of airport lounge access, if the Employee’s Upgrade request isn't confirmed until the Employee’s arrival at the departure gate. Baggage allowances will remain subject to the applicable fare and Service Class rules for the Employee’s original ticketed Service Class.

(i) If an Upgrade is not available on the Flights that a Member’s Employee has requested, the applicable Business Travel Points will be refunded to the Member’s Account.

4.16. Koru Programme Membership:

(a) You can pay for your Koru Programme Membership using Business Travel Points. You can’t use a combination of Business Travel Points and Cash to purchase Koru programme membership.

(b) The Terms and Conditions of Koru programme membership apply. The Koru programme membership schedule of benefits, membership options, fees and terms and conditions are available at www.airnewzealand.co.nz;

4.17. Air New Zealand Lounge Single Use Pass:

No longer a redemption option.

4.18. Business Travel Points converted to Airpoints Dollars:

(a) A Member may request that Business Travel Points be converted to Airpoints Dollars and credited to a Nominated Employee’s Airpoints Account.

(b) The Business Travel Points may be converted to Airpoints Dollars at the following conversion rate of 100 Airpoint Dollars for every 760 Business Travel Points.

4.19. Business Travel Points converted to Status Points:

(a) A Member may request that Business Travel Points be converted to Status Points and credited to a Nominated Employee’s Airpoints Account.

(b) The Business Travel Points may be converted to Status Points at the following conversion rate of 100 Status Points for every 1000 Business Travel Points.

(c) To be eligible for a tier status change, at least half an Airpoints Member’s Status Points will need to be earned directly by taking Air New Zealand Flights or Star Alliance partner flights.  Further details on ways to earn Status Points and the levels required to achieve a different status in the Airpoints programme can be found here.

4.20. Air New Zealand Valet Parking Vouchers at Auckland and Christchurch:

(a) Air New Zealand Valet terms and conditions will apply when redeeming this Reward.

4.21. Car Grooming Vouchers at Auckland and Christchurch:

(a) Air New Zealand Valet terms and conditions will apply when redeeming this Reward.

4.22. Air New Zealand Parking:

(a) All users of Air New Zealand Parking are subject to the Air New Zealand Parking terms and conditions.

4.23. Excess Baggage:

(a) We will provide a baggage allowance waiver for one additional piece of luggage (up to 23 kilograms), for fares other than “seat only” fares, per person, per one way journey on Air New Zealand operated services for: (i) New Zealand domestic  flights; (ii) flights between Australia and New Zealand; (iii) flights between New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and (iv) flights between New Zealand and a Longhaul destination.

(b) Please note that if your itinerary involves Air New Zealand flights where both the 'piece' and 'weight' baggage allowances apply, we will extend the more generous 'piece' allowance to all Air New Zealand flights on that same ticketed itinerary. If your itinerary also involves flights operated by another airline/s, please refer directly to the other airline for their baggage allowance.

(c) We can not guarantee the availability of this excess baggage allowance on all flights.  Availability will be determined at our discretion and without limitation, will not be available when flights are full and/or the offload of passengers may be required.

4.24. Air New Zealand Mystery Break:

(a) The Mystery Break Terms and Conditions apply to all packages.

4.25. Holidays Store Gift Card

No longer a redemption option.

4.26. Travel Insurance:

No longer a redemption option.

5. Verification

We reserve the right to audit your Accounts and to amend any invalid or incorrect Business Travel Points' credit; or debit Business Travel Points' from the Account. We also reserve the right to amend any invalid or incorrect Airpoints Dollars credit; or debit Airpoints Dollars from any Nominated Employee’s Airpoints Dollars Account.

6. Tax Issues

We make no representation about a Member’s or a Member’s Employee’s tax liability as a result of participating in the Above and Beyond Programme or from using any of the Rewards or other available Programme facilities. Each Member is solely responsible for any taxes, duties, levies, fees or other charges levied or imposed by any local, state, central or federal government taxing authority as a result of or in connection with that Member’s participation in the Above and Beyond Programme, the accumulation of Business Travel Points or the receipt or use of Rewards by that Member’s Employees.

7. Miscellaneous
7.1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand, irrespective of where the application for Membership has been completed by the Member or submitted to us.
7.2. Your earning and redeeming of Business Travel Points is subject to New Zealand law and, where applicable, our Airpoints Terms and Conditions.
7.3. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, our Conditions of Carriage will apply to all travel on Air New Zealand Flights.
7.4. If part or all of any clause in these Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, then it will be read down to the extent necessary to ensure that it is not illegal, invalid or unenforceable, but if that is not possible, it will be severed from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions will continue to have full force and effect.
7.5. We may collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information (including the personal information that you provide to us and that we obtain from third parties) for a number of purposes detailed in our Privacy Policy. Certain details, including your Contact Person and/or your Employee’s names, travel details and/or purchases of goods and/or services, may be passed between us and Partners to administer the Above and Beyond Programme, credit you with Business Travel Points, to provide a Member’s Employees with Rewards and benefits and to administer the Above & Beyond and other Air New Zealand membership programmes.
7.6. Each Member hereby confirms that it has obtained the consent of its Contact Person and of its Employees who are issued Rewards, that their personal information relevant to the Reward and or necessary for the Member’s participation in the Above and Beyond Programme may be passed to Air New Zealand (including Air New Zealand’s other membership programmes), and/or to Partners.
7.7. The collection, storage and use of a Contact Person and/ or an Employee’s personal information are subject to applicable laws including the Privacy Act 1993 (New Zealand).
7.8. By providing us with an electronic mailing address, each Member authorises us to send programme communications (including statements), special offers, and Air New Zealand product updates to the Member using that electronic mailing address. If a Member qualifies for offers and services under the Above and Beyond Programme, that Member will receive specific direct mailings (in addition to the regular Programme mailings) from Air New Zealand, Partners, associated companies and approved agencies. You can ask to be removed from these mailings by advising the Above & Beyond business rewards team  by email businessrewards@airnz.co.nz .

8. Disclaimers

8.1. We make no warranties or representations, either express or implied, in relation to the Above and Beyond Programme or Rewards.  We also expressly disclaim any and all liability, including any and all consequential losses or damages from Partners' provision or non-provision of goods and services including, but not limited to, the type, quality, standards and fitness of such goods or services - except for any liability that arises because of a negligent act or omission on our part.

8.2. We and the Partners are not responsible for Reward requests or correspondence lost or delayed in the mail, or emails/faxes delayed or lost because of a malfunction or breakdown in any electronic system.

8.3. You expressly acknowledge that the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (New Zealand) doesn't apply to the provision of Rewards and any other benefits under the Above and Beyond Programme.

8.4. We have no obligation to make any enquiries about any activities in a Member’s Account if the activities are authorised by a person who correctly presents that Member’s password and Membership number or uses a Member’s user name and password.

8.5. We have no liability for any fraudulent activity in relation to a Member’s Account if it is conducted by someone who correctly presents that Member’s password and Membership number or user name and password.

8.6. We may at our discretion offer a Member(s) Rewards that are not available to all Members or offer redemption rates for Rewards that differ from the redemption rates offered to other Members.


The terms used in these Terms and Conditions have the following meanings:
"Air New Zealand", "we" and "our" mean Air New Zealand Limited, the operator of the Air New Zealand Above and Beyond Programme.
"Above and Beyond Programme" and "Programme" mean the programme in which you can, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
• earn Business Travel Points by buying Qualifying Flights using the Member’s Travelcard for payment; and
• redeem Business Travel Points for Rewards.
"Above & Beyond Business Rewards Team" is the service centre from where we administer the Programme and process Membership information and Reward requests.
"Air New Zealand Flight" is a Flight that is ticketed and operated by Air New Zealand, including Airshare Flights.
"Airshare Flight" is a Flight with a block of seats available to be sold by Air New Zealand (and treated as if it were an Air New Zealand Flight number and aircraft) on another carrier's aircraft e.g. Aircalin NZ362 and NZ365.
Business Travel Points” means Air New Zealand’s points that are: 
• credited to a Member’s Account by us for Qualifying Flights the Member’s Employees have taken; and/or
• deducted from a Member’s Account by us when that Member redeems them for Rewards.

"Cash" is any form of payment method such as an approved credit card and/or cash, or if permitted by the applicable Air New Zealand office, Travelcard and/or EFTPOS.
"Codeshare Flight" is an international Flight that a Ticket shows as being the service of one airline but that is provided by an aircraft operated by another airline under an agreement between the two airlines.
Contact Person” means that person nominated on the registration form or advised to the Air New Zealand Call Centre on your company letterhead.
Employees” means a Member’s employees that are employed either (a) at the time of travel in relation to earning Business Travel Points or (b)  at the time of redemption on a Reward in relation to redemption of a Reward.
"Flight" means any One Way travel (without a Stopover) on an airline's scheduled air service that keeps the same flight number even if there is a change of aircraft.  Travel on the same aircraft but with a Flight number change qualifies as two Flights.
"Member", "you" and "your" means the company that has joined the Above and Beyond Programme. "Membership" has a corresponding meaning.
"Member's Account" and "Account" means the record we maintain of Business Travel Points:
• earned by a Member for Qualifying Flights; and/or
• deducted from a Member for the redemption of Business Travel Points for Rewards.
Nominated Employee” is an Employee of a Member with a current Airpoints account. 
"Non-Qualifying Flight" means Flight travel on: charter flights; free Tickets (including Ticket coupons issued as Award Tickets under the Airpoints programme); travel industry-rebated Tickets; competition prize Tickets; Tickets purchased using Fly Buys points; Tickets acquired at auction; unused Tickets; discounted Tickets; Tickets that are subject to any provisions that exclude the earning of Business Travel Points; Tickets not issued in the name of one of your Employees (even if paid for by you); Tickets not paid for using your Travelcard; or any other Tickets that we may specify from time to time.
"Partner" is an organisation that we authorise to award Business Travel Points for its goods and/or services or provide Rewards, as we advise from time to time.
"Qualifying Flight" means travel by you on:
• an Air New Zealand operated Flight or any other service operated by Air New Zealand or Air New Zealand Link using a Ticket coupon showing the “NZ” Flight designator; or 
• an Airshare Flight using a Ticket coupon that shows the “NZ” Flight designator or
• a flight on a Virgin Australia operated Flight using a Ticket coupon showing the “NZ” flight designator.
"Rewards" means the benefits, services, goods and facilities we may offer you in return for a Member redeeming a specified number of Business Travel Points in the Member’s Account.
"Service Fees" are the additional charges incurred for services other than air travel.
"Sector" means an aircraft's single scheduled Flight between two different points.
"Status Points" means the points that are awarded to Airpoints Members in accordance with the Airpoints Terms and Conditions and which entitle Members to attain a tier status level or retain a current tier status level.
"Statement" means a Member’s transaction history statement in relation to that Member’s participation in the Above and Beyond Programme.
"Stopover" When a passenger arrives at an intermediate point and is not scheduled to depart within 24 hours of arrival.  If it is less than 24 hours it is called a Transit.
"Terms and Conditions" means these terms and conditions, between Air New Zealand Limited and each Member, including all schedules and attachments.
"Ticket" is the paper Flight coupon(s) that entitles a passenger to be carried on a specified air service, and it includes electronic Ticket receipt(s) that identifies carriage on a specified air service.
"Transit" A change from the service of one carrier to another service of the same carrier or to the service of another carrier within a 24 hour period.
Travelcard” means a charge card for air travel services and for certain other related services issued by Air New Zealand.
Upgrade" means allocating a seat in a Service Class of travel that is one Service Class higher than the Service Class shown on the Ticket.